Pahalgam to Churus Lake

Lying at the confluence of streams arising from the Sheshnag Lake and the Lidder river, Pahalgam has a number of attractions to touch the hearts of travellers and visitors. The beautiful town has today emerged as one of the premier hill resorts in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is perched at an elevation of 2240 m, surrounded by steep verdant hills.

Baisarn is like switzerland. It is an upland lush green pasture. Its sight makes the hearts of lookers peaceful.From Baisarn we go to another beautiful spot that is Dabyan. All along the way from Baisarn to Dabyan we see gypsyfamilies residing in mud houses. At Dabyan many gypsy families reside during warmer months of the year. Gypsy people are very simple. From Dayban we start for another beautiful place Namely “the kashmir valley”. It takes two and half hours to reach kashmir valley. We can enjoy lunch here.from here we have a view of many beautiful Hamlets. From upper Kashmir Valley we have to start journey to Churs Lake. The path was magically transforming itself into a hi-fantasy movie like Narnia; the sun was shining bright, peeping through the pine trees. The narrow brown path had different shades of green grass covered with white, yellow and light purple flowers. The lake is a stunning display of nature’s capabilities. The waters are turquoise blue and in a cauldron surrounded by snow patches feeding the waters of the lake. If ever there was a place that could come close to paradise

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